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SAP Calculations

What do We Do?

SAP Calculations

SAP Calculations for New Build and for sale and letting of existing homes. For existing homes click here

What Do You Get?

  • SAP Calculation + Report for Building Regulations
  • The advice you need to gain compliance and get the build you want
  • All the U-Value calculations for the walls floors etc.
  • The energy report for the Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor
  • Predicted EPC to allow you to market the property before completion
  • No VAT no Extras

How Can We Help?

How Does it Work?

  • You can send drawings over the internet or by post, to allow us to complete the SAP Calcs.
  • It’s not a quiz so we don’t have a standard questionnaire for you to fill in
  • We look at what you send and if there is anything missing or in need of clarification we will drop you an email
  • If there is work needed to make the project comply we will run multiple calculations  

This way you can then tell us what you want to do and we can give you what you need with no hassle.

Our Service Through The Build

We keep your SAP Calcs on our computer so that when you find that better ‘heating system’ or cheaper insulation board you can ring or email us and we will produce some comparative figures from your different calculations to help you make the right decisions. This is not an extra it is all part of the service.

Home Extensions

The Building Regulations allow extensions with a limited amount of glazing but they also allow additional glazing; providing that  SAP Assessor can provide SAP Calcs. to prove that the existing house and new extension are at least as efficient as the minimum regulation standard. This allows you to have the extension you want with roof lights or extra glazing. See the Home Extensions page for more details.

by Michael Hodgkinson

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